Things I have learned (part 3)

Yet more random learnings…

On long trips, driving at around 55 mph will get you to your destination faster and more relaxed than by speeding – fewer fuel stops outweigh the greater speed Before asking questions, ask yourself if you really want to know the answer, or if you’re just showing off Get duplicates of […]

Making a Makerbot (part 4) – Paxtruder

An area that causes problems in the Makerbot is the filament drive mechanism. It has to be adjusted just so, or the filament will get jammed or strip. The system that keeps the filament engaged with the drive wheel is an acrylic idler wheel, which is sometimes uneven or wobbles. Also, the adjustment for idler […]

Things I have learned (part 2)

Here’s another batch:

When someone asks if you know something, a simple “yes” is rarely the best answer. Stating what you know and confirming it is better. Constraints increase creativity Doing things, however imperfectly, has an effect. Just thinking about things does not. Dessert recipes in English almost always benefit from halving the amount of […]

Things I have learned (part 1)

First in a series of things I have learned that are not immediately obvious.

People who know how to ask for help are more popular and successful than those who offer unsolicited help When someone is snoring, gently stroking their neck along the line of the carotid artery will silence them In an organization, misbehavior […]

"Visual Streams" at the Exploratorium

"Visual Streams" installation during testing

For the past several months I’ve been volunteering at the Exploratorium, the famous science museum and playground in San Francisco. One of the projects I’ve been working on is called “Visual Streams”, an installation that represents the different aspects of the human visual system. I’ve built on previous […]

Defeat the robots!

My favorite campaign ad, ever:

No robots in sight at an Obama office:

See any robots?

Soulclipse – the trip

In March 2006 I travelled to Antalya, in Turkey, to witness the total solar eclipse – and attend the Soulclipse party!

Check out my pictures from the trip.

Back online…

After nearly 5 years of inactivity on my website… I’m baaaaack!