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I have a rare mix of business, technology, language and art skills, which I like to put to use on interesting projects. In my career, I’ve been most successful with projects that have never been done before, where there is no clear roadmap.

After a long career in strategy development for the telecommunications and high technology industry, I decided to refresh my skill set and perspective by pursuing further education in leading-edge technologies at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program; and then applying them directly in unconventional and creative ways. I feel the combination of extensive business experience, hands-on skills, and creative outlook puts me in a unique position to formulate breakthrough strategies for technology companies.

Some examples of things I can do:

  • Prepare a cogent analysis of technology decisions and their impact on business performance
  • Create a common strategic planning mindset and vocabulary for senior management, using scenario planning
  • Present and sell large-scale strategic planning projects to senior management at large international enterprises
  • Solve complex business problems – and develop & teach methods for other colleagues to do the same
  • Shoot, edit and present video in a 360 degree circular theater, with surround sound
  • Develop custom software for managing multi-channel audio & video installations, including scheduled switch on & off functions
  • Build a synthesizer using discrete electronic components, and teach other people how to do the same
  • Make a classic Cajun gumbo for 12 people – oh, and you want it vegan? No problem.

Have a look at some work samples in PDF format to get an idea of the range of things I’ve done.

I’m looking to get involved with a dynamic startup, or a large company that wants to think like a startup.

Have a look at my CV in PDF format, or read on:


2006-2008    ITP, NYU, New York, USA
Master’s of Professional Studies, Interactive Telecommunications Program

2004-2005    Naganuma Tokyo School of Japanese Language, Tokyo, Japan
Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate

1986-1988    IESE, University of Navarra, Barcelona, Spain
Master’s degree in Business Administration

1981-1985    Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota
Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and History

Work experience

2008-2010     Freelance, Technology-based artworks & interactive systems, San Francisco, New York

Carried out several high-profile projects involving the creation of technology intensive interactive artworks and exhibits.

  • 8 channel panoramic video installation for the Massachussets Museum of Contemporary Art. Technical director for filming and editing panoramic (360 degree) video footage in New Orleans. Extensive consulting for construction of panoramic projection system and theater at Mass MoCA site.
  • Multi-channel video installation at Smack Mellon gallery in NY, featuring 5 channels of HD video in a unique vertical presentation format.
  • Development of interactive exhibits and projects at San Francisco’s Exploratorium.
  • Development of innovative interactive installations for a high profile fashion company, linking web-based video content to unusual point-of-sale display systems.

2000-2004    Senior Manager, Cisco Systems, London, Hong Kong & Tokyo

Industry manager in the Internet Business Solutions Group, focused on working with top management at large telecommunications carriers. Shared key lessons learned from Cisco’s e-business experience, leading to significant new business and cost reduction opportunities for Cisco customers. Worked with several of the largest Cisco accounts in Asia to develop long term network development plans.

1999-2000    Managing Partner, Deloitte Consulting/Braxton Associates, London
Partner in the telecommunications industry group, in charge of two major client accounts. Developed significant volume of business at clients new to the firm. Defined industry group strategy for providing services to startup companies, which almost immediately led to successful pursuit of what is now a $14 million account.

From July 1999, managing director of the UK strategy practice. Increased headcount from 50 to 70 strategy practitioners, increased revenue by 20% over previous year. Stabilized morale and developed much closer integration between Braxton Associates and Deloitte Consulting.

Joint lead of the Deloitte Consulting UK e-business initiative, responsible for strategy point of view and recruiting. Key client projects included:

  • Development of an electronic channels strategy for major UK telco
  • Development of pan-European market entry strategy for Nordic telecommunications company

1988-1998    Associate Partner, Andersen Consulting (accenture), London, Madrid
Progressed from Senior Consultant to Associate Partner in Andersen Consulting’s Strategic Services Practice. Focus on the telecommunications industry for 8 years. Key client projects include:

  • Long term technology strategy for the BBC, including information systems, production and distribution, leading to major changes in organization and investment plans.
  • Development of a long term market growth strategy for a Nordic telco after their acquisition by a US telecommunications company. This focused primarily on the development of mobile and internet business units, and resulted in significant revenue growth.
  • Developed long term scenario planning project for the telecommunications industry, which was used to establish thought leadership, and strengthen key client relationships.
  • Defined commercial strategy for major Italian mobile operator, preparing to position for GSM launch and significant growth. The strategy was fundamental for setting stage for substantial growth in market share.
  • Led large scale reengineering programme at a Brazilian regional telco, aimed at improving customer service and financial performance.

Selected artworks

2009            “Below Sea Level”, Mass MoCA, North Adams, MA, USA
With Pawel Wojtasik, video artist. Technical director for filming and editing panoramic (360 degree) video footage in New Orleans. Extensive consulting for construction of panoramic projection system and theater at Mass MoCA site.

2008            “Probe Swarm”, ITP-NYU, New York, NY, USA
Designed and built a set of organic-looking, interactive “space probes”, in order to explore how people create narratives and assess the intelligence of other entities that they interact with.

2008            “Neon Music”, ISEA 2008, Singapore

Multi-channel interactive video installation that analyzes videos of neon signs, and turns motion and color into music. Shown at ISEA 2008 conference in Singapore, and at various venues in New York and Tokyo.

2007            “This Place Is Not A Place Of Honor”, ITP-NYU, New York, NY, USA
Multi-channel video installation about the Yucca Mountain Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (nuclear waste dump). In single-channel format, shown at the Green Film Festival, Seoul (Korea) and at the Oberhausen Film Festival (Germany).

2006            “Eclipsed”, Tokyo, Japan
Multi-channel video montage about the total solar eclipse of 2006, as seen from Antalya, Turkey. Conceived, filmed and edited in 3 channel high-definition video. Shown at Superdeluxe art space, Tokyo (Japan).

Other affiliations

Exploratorium,  San Francisco, CA

Volunteer, working on the development of an exhibit on human visual processing

Noisebridge, San Francisco, CA

Member, teaching classes and organizing events around experimental electronic music


English        fluent           Japanse      good           Italian           good

Spanish       fluent           French         good           Portugese    good