Things I have learned (part 2)

Here’s another batch:

  1. When someone asks if you know something, a simple “yes” is rarely the best answer. Stating what you know and confirming it is better.
  2. Constraints increase creativity
  3. Doing things, however imperfectly, has an effect. Just thinking about things does not.
  4. Dessert recipes in English almost always benefit from halving the amount of sugar in them. (This is not always true for recipes in other languages.)
  5. You are not aware of the effect alcohol has on your mind, body and personality until you give it up for a month – and it’s greater than you think.
  6. Travelling to do something or meet someone is more memorable than travelling to see something
  7. When working with someone skilled in another domain, try to learn enough of what they do to be able to have an informed conversation.
  8. Children are not little adults, their lives have an internal logic of their own which should be acknowledged.
  9. Fatigue is often a symptom of dehydration – drinking water is sometimes more effective than coffee, or a nap.
  10. Paying attention to a safety briefing is always a good idea: the downside might be a few minutes wasted, the upside might be saving your life.

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