Things I have learned (part 1)

First in a series of things I have learned that are not immediately obvious.

  1. People who know how to ask for help are more popular and successful than those who offer unsolicited help
  2. When someone is snoring, gently stroking their neck along the line of the carotid artery will silence them
  3. In an organization, misbehavior by members low in the hierarchy is usually an institutional problem, misbehavior by leaders is usually an individual problem
  4. Adding a teaspoon of vinegar to the water is crucial to successfully poaching eggs
  5. When solving a technical problem, knowing what tool to use is most of the solution
  6. Limiting options increases productivity
  7. Being able to create positive emotional states in others is key to success in life
  8. The best work often comes from the people who produce the most work
  9. If a shoe is not comfortable when you first try it on, it will never become comfortable
  10. The meaning of a message is determined by the receiver, not the sender

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