An Alchemists Wand for the 21st Century

I have been working on a project with Lynn Hershman, called Alchemists Wand for the 21st Century. This art piece incorporates a number of brooms that have been modified to detect toxic substances, registering this on LEDs embedded in the broom handle, and transmitting their readings to a screen that presents information on what to […]

RAW/WAR at Sundance Film Festival

Since October of last year, I’ve been working on an exciting project with filmaker and artist Lynn Hershman Leeson, an interactive installation integrated with a web-based media database called RAW/WAR. The interactive installation is constantly updated with multimedia from a companion website at

I’m going to describe some of the aspects that I worked […]

Bay Bridge (1) – Coming and Going

Exploring a different view of panoramic footage, showing where you’ve been and where you’re going in a single simultaneous stream.

"At The Still Point", at Smack Mellon gallery

Installation view, photo by Etienne Frossard

Pawel Wojtasik has a new video installation on view, at the Smack Mellon gallery in DUMBO (Brooklyn, NY). The soundtrack is by Stephen Vitiello, and I developed the software that manages the HD multi-channel projection.

“At The Still Point” was filmed in India, and covers themes of […]

Jim Power, mosaic man of the East Village, needs YOU

Jim Power, Mosaic Man

I finally met Jim Power, the Mosaic Man of the East Village. For the past 22 years, and without any official support (read: funding), he’s been decorating the lamp posts of the East Village with elaborate mosaics. This is not just a decorative exercise: the mosaics contain detailed references […]

Art imitates life at Yucca Mountain

Artist Michael Heizer, known for his monumental earthworks, was recently in the news for his threat to demolish his current project, City, if the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump were to go ahead.

He had threatened to bulldoze the project if the transport route for nuclear waste was to pass near the project. Fortunately for […]

Björn Schülke at San Jose International Airport

When I worked on “Probe Swarm“, my Master’s thesis project, I was very much inspired by the work of Björn Schülke, a German artist who creates bizarre, interactive space probe-like installations.

I am delighted to see that San Jose International Airport has commissioned him to create a piece, a two-story high space observer with […]

"Below Sea Level" is open at Mass MoCA

Below Sea Level cyclorama – Harvey Tunnel

“Below Sea Level”, the project I’ve been working on for the past 8 months or so, opened last Saturday, April 4th at Mass MoCA! (The day before my birthday!) The artist is Pawel Wojtasik, and the soundtrack is by Stephen Vitiello. The photo shows Pawel in […]

The making of "Below Sea Level" at Mass MoCA (part 1)

I’ve been working for several months now on a project called “Below Sea Level”, part of the show “These Days: Elegies For Modern Times” at Mass MoCA. You may already have read my post on capturing panoramic video footage, “Shooting immersive video in the field”. After a long, sometimes arduous, but always exciting voyage, the […]

The Culture Wars are back: bill to ban art funding

Peter over at Create Digital Music has an extremely important post on the ban on art funding tacked onto the stimulus bill. Basically, the proposed bill not only removes $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts, it also explicitly bans any money for the arts, even from institutions that will still get stimulus […]