Pigeons making site-specific art

Pigeons making site-specific art

At the De Young museum in San Francisco, I saw these two pigeons making a nest. The male would go off, painstakingly search for a leaf, and then tuck it under his partner. Clearly they’d been at it for a while, and had made a nice little nest, visually […]

Something different about NY cabs

One more video in my ongoing series:

Check out the rest of the daily videos in my One Minute Per Day project.

Moving without travelling

No matter what route you follow, the destination looks the same…

One Minute per Day

As a way of keeping my video skills sharp, I’ve decided to edit and put online a one minute long video every day. (Much like what Bre Pettis is doing, but with a different kind of video.) I figure that after two months, I’ll have one hour of material! I’m putting them on my One […]

A Possible Future

This extremely thorough spoof of the New York Times was distributed today to over 1.2m people. It’s an elaborate exercise in creating an alternate reality – by getting people to think of these things, of the possibility of an end to the war in Iraq, free health care, etc. it makes them more conceivable, […]

Mobile Musical Interfaces at KDDI Harajuku

I recently visited KDDI’s Designing Studio in Harajuku, where they are showing off the results of a concept design project with Yamaha, exploring the possibilities of integrating true musical performance interfaces with mobile phones. While the concept models are interesting, I was struck by lack of emphasis on communication and collaboration possibilities. Most of the […]

Shooting immersive video in the field (or – Ladybug's New Orleans Adventure)

I am working on an art project involving panoramic video, shot in New Orleans. The project is a commission for video artist Pawel Wojtasik from the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA). It will form part of a show called “These Days: Elegies for Modern Times”, opening on April 4th.

Since I have […]

Probe Swarm: The Search for Intelligent Life on Earth

My master’s thesis project at ITP is complete, and on display at the ITP show this week. Check out the presentation on Vimeo!

Probe Swarm is an exploration of the ways in which intelligent behavior can be attributed to inanimate objects (or animals, or people) based on limited information.


Artists and critical analysis

Jon Taplin’s blog has an interesting post on “Artists & The Crowd”. I’m particularly interested in two quotes he cites in the article, by Herbert Marcuse and Marshall McLuhan.

Marcuse says:

In its refusal to accept as final the limitations imposed upon freedom and happiness by society, in its refusal to forget what can be, […]

New York Art Beat launches!

My friends from Tokyo Art Beat have now launched New York Art Beat! I’ve always enjoyed TAB for the convenient way it groups events by medium and location, and the smart lists that keep you posted on upcoming openings (or shows that will soon close).

Don’t just visit – you can contribute to this […]