History of the Internet business in New York

Fred Wilson at the Web 2.0 name checks ITP, at 4:27. In fact, not only does he mention ITP, he attributes a lot of the interesting aspects of the ‘net business in NY to ITP.

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

ITP Spring Show 2008 Pictures

Here are some pictures from the ITP Spring Show 2008


Probe Swarm: The Search for Intelligent Life on Earth

My master’s thesis project at ITP is complete, and on display at the ITP show this week. Check out the presentation on Vimeo!

Probe Swarm is an exploration of the ways in which intelligent behavior can be attributed to inanimate objects (or animals, or people) based on limited information.


Artists and critical analysis

Jon Taplin’s blog has an interesting post on “Artists & The Crowd”. I’m particularly interested in two quotes he cites in the article, by Herbert Marcuse and Marshall McLuhan.

Marcuse says:

In its refusal to accept as final the limitations imposed upon freedom and happiness by society, in its refusal to forget what can be, […]

So, what's ITP all about?

I get to understand my environment, by making models, by asking “what’s going on here”. For what it’s worth, here’s what I make of ITP. At the end are some thoughts on what could be done differently. (This is not meant to be definitive – I might change my mind by next week.)

When you […]

Video from Music – ambient version

Last term I created a piece called Neon/Music, a Max/MSP patch that analyzes video clips for motion and color information and uses it to generate music. For my recent Tokyo trip and performance, I wanted to update it with footage from New York, and more interesting sounds (the original uses general MIDI piano sounds).

I […]

Neon/Music video online

I’ve put online the video of my final project for this term’s performance classes. It’s a piece called Neon/Music, it analyzes the color and rhythm structure of video clips in order to generate music.

Hope you enjoy it, right-click here for a higher resolution MP4 of the file.

End of term at ITP

Another year is over, it’s time for thesis presentations, end of term performances (pictures) and the Spring Show (pictures). ITP gets a lot of press at this time of the year – the New York Times has quite a long article, in the Business section of all places.

I didn’t have any classes this term […]

Cyclorama theater

The cyclorama theater had its day in the sun!

The Narrative in the Round class had been tasked with building this, on the 9th floor of Tisch, and a team lead by Caleb Carr got it set up. However, the rear projection setup meant that there was some strange distortion on the top edge […]

Physical Computing final project finished!

I have finished my final project for the Physical Computing class!

To recap, it is a cluster of four lamps made with multicolor LEDs, each containing a bunch of sensors, a microcontroller and a Zigbee (802.14) radio. Gestures in front of any of the lamps are transmitted to all the lamps, and this changes the […]