Bringing life to old media, and the death of Kodachrome

The demise of Kodachrome last week did not surprise me – in fact, I thought Kodak had long ago ceased production. I have to say I regret it. I’ve recently been working on digitizing my grandfather’s collection of slides, taken on numerous exotic trips around the world, and the difference between the Kodachrome process slides […]

Jim Power, mosaic man of the East Village, needs YOU

Jim Power, Mosaic Man

I finally met Jim Power, the Mosaic Man of the East Village. For the past 22 years, and without any official support (read: funding), he’s been decorating the lamp posts of the East Village with elaborate mosaics. This is not just a decorative exercise: the mosaics contain detailed references […]

Who is this robot?

I saw this robot embedded in the pavement, on 4th Street in Greenwich Village. I’ve also seen one like it on Lafayette, near Astor Place, and other places. What is his story?

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My favorite camera is a toy camera

Takayuki Fukatsu’s Toy Camera is my favorite camera now.

The randomly applied effects make you look at your photography in a new way – it’s really uncanny.


Google reality

Google Earth has just added a hugely detailed database of 3D buildings to a lot of cities, including New York. Careful examination suggests that they’ve used imagery from their Street View project to fill in a lot of the facades. However, at a broad scale, the results are impressive:

New York from Google Earth


Updates to video, audio, photo pages

I’ve started to turn this site into a better showcase for my work, by adding dedicated pages for my audio, video and photography. There will be plenty of changes, so please check it out every once in a while.

HD video comes to digital SLRs – filmmaking revolution on the way?

It seems that only last month Nikon announced the D90, a digital single-lens-reflex (DSLR) camera, with the ability to shoot high definition video. DSLR cameras have always been the most popular with consumers and there are many different models from different manufacturers, to learn more about the infamous dslr read more here. So, this new […]

Shooting immersive video in the field (or – Ladybug's New Orleans Adventure)

I am working on an art project involving panoramic video, shot in New Orleans. The project is a commission for video artist Pawel Wojtasik from the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA). It will form part of a show called “These Days: Elegies for Modern Times”, opening on April 4th.

Since I have […]

ITP Spring Show 2008 Pictures

Here are some pictures from the ITP Spring Show 2008


Adrift on Third Avenue

The Lost Ducks