Earning the new puppy

Birth of a meme?

“I think American Airlines did not earn the new puppy today.”

“Thanks for buying all that beer and cheese! You have really earned the new puppy!”

This will be the exact opposite of not getting any ice cream.

Wall•E loves Noise Toys

The audio responsive iDance Wall•E toy very much likes Noise Toys from Loud Objects:

Spirituality and cooling

Take care of your spiritual development, your A/C and refrigeration needs from just one source. (Take a close look at the door of the van.)

Weird spam

The kings of junk e-mail are trying new ways to get around spam filters. I received one recently that was weirdly poetic, apparently using some kind of grammar-aware automatic sentence generator. Follow the link to read it, and enjoy…


Psychedelia from the AV Geeks

Went to see another Darmstadt event at the Spiegeltent. This time the emphasis was more on “found footage” than live performance, though there were a couple of exceptions.

A highlight for me was the AV Geeks presentation of some very odd psychedelic films for schoolchildren, produced by Encyclopedia Britannica, and… the US Government.

The following […]

Better than a mirror

Spotted at Madras Mahal, 28th & Lexington. One way to fix a broken mirror in the bathroom.

Mind reading

I was booking some travel today.

The United voice recognition system is really spooky.

UA: What city would you like to travel to? Me: Chitose UA: I think you said Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Is that correct? Me: Uh, OK.

(Chitose is the name of the airport for Sapporo)

The gods of football

Great quote by imomus here:

“Instead, the football zone represented some kind of religious festival, in which brands were gods. Not the cheerful gods of a matsuri or some Hindu celebration, with their human faces, but the weirdly abstract and faceless gods represented by logos and money: T Mobile, Coca Cola, Adidas, Budweiser, Gillette, Mastercard, […]