There 10 types of people: those who can program and those who can't

Clay has posted on article over at BoingBoing on a test that can predict whether people will be able to learn programming or not. It’s been observed for many years, and I can attest from personal experience, that there are people who can learn computer programming, and people who can’t.

In certain cases, people […]

Deadly Sugar addiction harming OLPC XO laptop

I’ve had the OLPC XO laptop now for several months, and feel I understand it well enough to comment further on it. I’ve spent a lot of time working with it, and feel that it is working as well as an OLPC XO is ever going to work. I’m using a development build of the […]

OLPC runs Processing and Arduino

At NYU’s ITP program, the Processing and Arduino programming environments are widely used. Since my main interest in the OLPC is to use it as a controller for projects, and since most of my projects are built using those two tools, I was very interested in getting them running on the OLPC.

In addition, both […]

Making the OLPC XO useful

I’ve moved the information in this post to a dedicated page here.

OLPC arrived!

I recently participated in the One Laptop Per Child program that donates one laptop to the developing world for each one that you buy. Well, the little computers arrived today, ahead of schedule:

First impressions:

Very good hardware design Not very fast, but usable Software has some issues

I will write more as I learn […]