One Minute per Day

As a way of keeping my video skills sharp, I’ve decided to edit and put online a one minute long video every day. (Much like what Bre Pettis is doing, but with a different kind of video.) I figure that after two months, I’ll have one hour of material! I’m putting them on my One […]

Mobile Musical Interfaces at KDDI Harajuku

I recently visited KDDI’s Designing Studio in Harajuku, where they are showing off the results of a concept design project with Yamaha, exploring the possibilities of integrating true musical performance interfaces with mobile phones. While the concept models are interesting, I was struck by lack of emphasis on communication and collaboration possibilities. Most of the […]

Five kinds of pork on a plate

For my last meal in Tokyo (on this trip at least), went to Butagumi in Nishi-Azabu. This place, whose name roughly translates as “Pork Gang” specializes in tonkatsu, deep fried pork cutlet. And when I say “specializes”, I mean that they treat their meats with the kind of obsessive attention usually found only in […]

Loud Objects @ Watermelon Noise Feast, Tokyo

Loud Objects – the Tokyo edition! Kunal Gupta trained Kiyotaka Nakano, Ben Jarrett and myself for the Watermelon Noise Feast at Superdeluxe, Tokyo.

Astro and Shantell Martin @ Watermelon Noise Feast, Tokyo

Astro played his amazing noise symphony, and Shantell Martin accompanied him with her trademark live drawing at the Watermelon Noise Feast, held at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo.

Watermelon Noise Feast at SuperDeluxe, Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo, July 20

A big, yet strangely refreshing, production!

Come to SuperDeluxe in Nishi-Azabu for the super-sized version of Neon/Music and Loud Objects performance, with special mystery guests! I’ll be performing Neon/Music in its full-scale triple screen goodness, with enhanced sonification. The Loud Objects have boosted their numbers with brave volunteers, and will be building and playing […]

Circuit Breaker at Stereo Lounge, Roppongi, June 28

Played first gig of the ITP Japan tour, with Tristan and Kunal. I played Neon/Music, Tristan and Kunal (also from ITP) performed the Loud Objects. Victor found the venue and brought in DJs to make it a very complete evening. It was great to meet with a lot of my friends there!

As for […]

Chocolate Morphovision

Toshio Iwai is showing another of his incredible Morphovision installations, this time at the newly inaugurated 21/21 Design Sight art space at Tokyo Midtown.

A rapidly spinning sculpture is illuminated by scanning lines from a video projector, changing the timing and duration of the lighting pulses appears to warp the object.

Back in Japan!

Arrived in Tokyo two days ago.

I was happy to see how quickly I fit right back in – my phone rang already while I was standing in the immigration line! Patterns of interpersonal interaction, vocabulary, signs, the ways of navigating the city are all different from New York, and came back to me quickly.


Pictures and video from "Transitions" party

The Transitions party was a huge success! More than 300 people showed up at SuperDeluxe, and danced the night away until 5am, with great tunes from Yoppy, Vanessa, Tsunami Devil, DJ 7777, Ida, and Shomi. Nataku played a very high-energy live set, Crackitbaby did an extra-large sized painting and drumming performance, VJ flyflyfly and Xochipilli […]