Art of Hacking

I scored some nice art at Giant Robot!

This piece by William Buzzell is a nice little homage to classic old-school hacking. Many influential figures from my formative years are there: Emmanuel Goldstein, Captain Crunch, and even the Morris Worm!

NY Art Beat needs your help!

NY Art Beat, a child of wildly-successful Tokyo Art Beat website, needs volunteers in order to get off the ground.

If you’re interested in art, can find your way around HTML, and want to plug in to a great network of artsy people, check out what they’re looking for.

Bug Labs launch party

I went to a party for Bug Labs, a New York based startup that is launching a modular portable hardware development platform. The core of the system is a very compact, powerful, Linux-based computer. It’s housed in a slick plastic case with four modular connectors that let you easily add modules. Right now these include […]

The weird vans keep on coming

Another day, another weird van in the neighborhood…

National Park(ing) Day 2007

Heading to school on Saturday I came across this:

Someone had turned a parking space into a tiny park, complete with official-looking sign:

I spotted a few other parks along the way, some of them being enjoyed by a variety of bemused people. It was all part of National Park(ing) Day, organized by the Trust […]

More weird vans of New York

I didn’t even have to cross the street from where I live to see these two:

Machine Art: Hektor and Danny Rozin's Mirrors

This week I saw a couple of interesting shows: Hektor, the Swiss graffiti-painting robot/installation created by Jürg Lehni, and some of the new mirrors by Danny Rozin.

Hektor is a system for painting with spray cans, using two precisely controlled motors to pull the can back and forth with wires. When I saw Hektor in […]

Red Moon Rising – Partial lunar eclipse over New York

Woke up at 5am to see what I could see of the lunar eclipse. Unfortunately, there were only a few moments of totality visible before sunrise, and there were a lot of clouds. I did get a reasonable picture of a partial phase.

William Gibson at "Spook Country" event, Barnes & Noble

William Gibson spoke at Barnes & Noble, Union Square, as part of the “Spook Country” launch tour. Appropriately, he chose to read the beginning of chapter 39 of his new book (it takes place in Union Square, and refers to the Barnes & Noble store…). He made an oblique reference to the possibility of […]

NY Street Numbers

I photographed the numbered street signs from 1st to 86th Street, and made a simple video loop. I used it at the FUKT VJ gig at Club Asia on June 30th, 2007. I had a lot of fun bouncing the playback direction back and forth, and changing the playback rate. I will try to get […]