Björn Schülke at San Jose International Airport

When I worked on “Probe Swarm“, my Master’s thesis project, I was very much inspired by the work of Björn Schülke, a German artist who creates bizarre, interactive space probe-like installations.

I am delighted to see that San Jose International Airport has commissioned him to create a piece, a two-story high space observer with […]

Lehman Brothers Deathwatch

TV trucks lined up in front of Lehman Brothers headquarters, interviewing anyone they could find coming out of the building.

It’s become a tourist attraction – people from all over the world getting their picture taken in front of the sign.

RIP Dr. Albert Hoffman

I hope his contribution to humanity will be fully acknowledged and appreciated before another 102 years go by…

American favela

The BBC has a short piece on improvised shantytowns in Los Angeles, set up by people who have lost their homes in the subprime mortgage collapse.

These people aren’t junkies or mental patients: these were homeowners a few months ago! If you listen to the piece, a lot of them lost their homes, not specifically […]