My synth in concert, at No Fun Festival

My friend Nancy Garcia played an outstanding duet with Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth fame) at the No Fun Festival, on May 16th. I enjoyed the show, and was especially pleased because Nancy played one of my musical instruments, the Rhythmic Synth!

You can hear the synth very clearly in this song…

The No Fun […]

Bug Labs launch party

I went to a party for Bug Labs, a New York based startup that is launching a modular portable hardware development platform. The core of the system is a very compact, powerful, Linux-based computer. It’s housed in a slick plastic case with four modular connectors that let you easily add modules. Right now these include […]

National Park(ing) Day 2007

Heading to school on Saturday I came across this:

Someone had turned a parking space into a tiny park, complete with official-looking sign:

I spotted a few other parks along the way, some of them being enjoyed by a variety of bemused people. It was all part of National Park(ing) Day, organized by the Trust […]

Machine Art: Hektor and Danny Rozin's Mirrors

This week I saw a couple of interesting shows: Hektor, the Swiss graffiti-painting robot/installation created by Jürg Lehni, and some of the new mirrors by Danny Rozin.

Hektor is a system for painting with spray cans, using two precisely controlled motors to pull the can back and forth with wires. When I saw Hektor in […]

My synth at Handmade Digital Music event

I had a chance to present, and play, my simple square-wave synth at the Handmade Digital Music event, a collaboration between Create Digital Music, Etsy Labs and Make magazine. Lots of interesting projects on show, and it was great to meet a community of like-minded individuals, all kinds of people coaxing the most unusual […]

William Gibson at "Spook Country" event, Barnes & Noble

William Gibson spoke at Barnes & Noble, Union Square, as part of the “Spook Country” launch tour. Appropriately, he chose to read the beginning of chapter 39 of his new book (it takes place in Union Square, and refers to the Barnes & Noble store…). He made an oblique reference to the possibility of […]

Loud Objects @ Watermelon Noise Feast, Tokyo

Loud Objects – the Tokyo edition! Kunal Gupta trained Kiyotaka Nakano, Ben Jarrett and myself for the Watermelon Noise Feast at Superdeluxe, Tokyo.

Astro and Shantell Martin @ Watermelon Noise Feast, Tokyo

Astro played his amazing noise symphony, and Shantell Martin accompanied him with her trademark live drawing at the Watermelon Noise Feast, held at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo.

Watermelon Noise Feast at SuperDeluxe, Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo, July 20

A big, yet strangely refreshing, production!

Come to SuperDeluxe in Nishi-Azabu for the super-sized version of Neon/Music and Loud Objects performance, with special mystery guests! I’ll be performing Neon/Music in its full-scale triple screen goodness, with enhanced sonification. The Loud Objects have boosted their numbers with brave volunteers, and will be building and playing […]

Circuit Breaker at Stereo Lounge, Roppongi, June 28

Played first gig of the ITP Japan tour, with Tristan and Kunal. I played Neon/Music, Tristan and Kunal (also from ITP) performed the Loud Objects. Victor found the venue and brought in DJs to make it a very complete evening. It was great to meet with a lot of my friends there!

As for […]