Art of Hacking

I scored some nice art at Giant Robot!

This piece by William Buzzell is a nice little homage to classic old-school hacking. Many influential figures from my formative years are there: Emmanuel Goldstein, Captain Crunch, and even the Morris Worm!

NY Art Beat needs your help!

NY Art Beat, a child of wildly-successful Tokyo Art Beat website, needs volunteers in order to get off the ground.

If you’re interested in art, can find your way around HTML, and want to plug in to a great network of artsy people, check out what they’re looking for.

National Park(ing) Day 2007

Heading to school on Saturday I came across this:

Someone had turned a parking space into a tiny park, complete with official-looking sign:

I spotted a few other parks along the way, some of them being enjoyed by a variety of bemused people. It was all part of National Park(ing) Day, organized by the Trust […]

Machine Art: Hektor and Danny Rozin's Mirrors

This week I saw a couple of interesting shows: Hektor, the Swiss graffiti-painting robot/installation created by Jürg Lehni, and some of the new mirrors by Danny Rozin.

Hektor is a system for painting with spray cans, using two precisely controlled motors to pull the can back and forth with wires. When I saw Hektor in […]

Video from Music – ambient version

Last term I created a piece called Neon/Music, a Max/MSP patch that analyzes video clips for motion and color information and uses it to generate music. For my recent Tokyo trip and performance, I wanted to update it with footage from New York, and more interesting sounds (the original uses general MIDI piano sounds).

I […]

Astro and Shantell Martin @ Watermelon Noise Feast, Tokyo

Astro played his amazing noise symphony, and Shantell Martin accompanied him with her trademark live drawing at the Watermelon Noise Feast, held at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo.

Chocolate Morphovision

Toshio Iwai is showing another of his incredible Morphovision installations, this time at the newly inaugurated 21/21 Design Sight art space at Tokyo Midtown.

A rapidly spinning sculpture is illuminated by scanning lines from a video projector, changing the timing and duration of the lighting pulses appears to warp the object.

Street Art Columbus Circle

On my way to Time Warner Center I noticed a newspaper article about NASA stuck to a hoarding. Closer inspection revealed more newspaper clippings, covered with very precise annotations, apparently referencing some kind of UFO conspiracy. They looked cool against the red wall. Click below for detailed pictures:


Physical Computing final project finished!

I have finished my final project for the Physical Computing class!

To recap, it is a cluster of four lamps made with multicolor LEDs, each containing a bunch of sensors, a microcontroller and a Zigbee (802.14) radio. Gestures in front of any of the lamps are transmitted to all the lamps, and this changes the […]

Brooklyn Breakfast

Coffee with painkillers attached.