Things I have learned (part 3)

Yet more random learnings…

  1. On long trips, driving at around 55 mph will get you to your destination faster and more relaxed than by speeding – fewer fuel stops outweigh the greater speed
  2. Before asking questions, ask yourself if you really want to know the answer, or if you’re just showing off
  3. Get duplicates of any key toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant) and travel accessories (phone chargers, plug adapters) and keep them packed, next to your suitcase. This way you can pack for trips the night before and still brush your teeth before going to the airport.
  4. Telling someone to “just be yourself” is rarely good advice. However, telling them to pretend to be someone else opens up the door to learning and transformation.
  5. Never buy just one tube of toothpaste. Get two or three at a time, you’ll run out less frequently. Same goes for toilet paper, buy the jumbo pack.
  6. Change only one variable at a time
  7. Whenever you’re trying to get something done with a group of people, communicate constantly. Communicate more than you might think is necessary.
  8. You can’t make anything from a good mango that is better than that. Just eat it raw.
  9. Once you get started on a difficult task, it will seem a lot easier.
  10. Memories are startlingly inaccurate. Keep records. Revisit them and be surprised.

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