The joys of apartment hunting

166 2nd Ave.

Have spent a week looking for a place to live in New York. Quite challenging – the market moves fast, and desirable properties are rented quickly. I am looking for a place that is convenient to NYU (for me) and to the uptown subways for Nik (my charming jetsetting girlfriend).

I had heard horror stories about demanding landlords and high prices, but it has turned out to be easier than expected, given my total absence of a credit record in the US. (I have not lived in the US for 21 years.) I have been accepted for every apartment I applied for.

It looks like I’ll be living in a nice pre-war building, big one-bedroom apartment with a newly refurbished kitchen. It’s on 2nd Avenue between 10th and 11th, so just one block away from one of New York’s “Little Japans”. I already spotted the Asian convenience store that sells onigiri and unsweetened tea.

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